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Sharm ElSheikh TOT




TIME 10:00


LOCATION Sharm El Sheikh

Greenish and the tourism Chamber of diving and watersports are teaming up to present you with a training program. This program targets entities, groups and individuals working in environmental awareness and activism.

The workshop will be held in Sharm El Sheikh between the 28th of October - 2nd of November.

What will this program cover?

1- The integration between community psychology and campaigning.
2- Using the power of social media to campaign for environmental causes.
3- Applying visual and performative arts in campaigning.
4- How to organize public community driven events.

The aim of the workshop is to spread the accumulated knowledge built by Greenish as well as building new collective knowledge, synergies and partnerships with the help of your bright minds!

After the workshop, the accepted participants will get the chance to be part of planning a huge cleanup event in Sharm El Sheikh.

Hurry up and apply through the following link: https://forms.gle/qDkzG1sEpX7wHNeWA
Deadline: 23rd of October at 1PM.

The Event is supported by the Danish Embassy in Cairo.