Where can someone study environmental Science?
Jun 10, 2020

Where can someone study environmental Science?

Have you always had a dream to make the Earth a better place to live in? Do you want to help reduce carbon emissions and stop the ozone hole from expanding? If you have thought about these matters, and have thought about working and contributing to finding practical solutions for them, then the field of environmental sciences is the field you are searching for. 

The field of environmental sciences is a multidisciplinary field that plays the part in other fields of study such as geography, biology, environmental biology, environmental chemistry, and atmospheric science among others.

The importance of the environmental field has increased since the sixties of the last century when man realized the necessity of understanding the vital and natural processes that occur in nature and its developments. Many environmental organizations have emerged such as the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, the Society for Environmental Studies and Sciences, the Institute of Environmental Sciences, and the Bayer Foundation for Environmental Sciences to help research in the field of the environment and how to maintain a cleaner environment. For this reason, environmental science has been called "science for a better life". 

Why to study environmental science?

Improve our understanding of the complex environmental systems and the interactions between them around us in order to solve the problems that affect its balance. By better understanding, we will be able to identify and implement effective solutions to the environmental challenges we face today and expect in the future.

Work on developing natural resource management and reduce pollution in order to keep global natural resources healthy and balanced by that.

Doing something positive in a world of devastation, negativity, and indifference to the most dangerous ingredients of life

Work fields available for graduates of environmental sciences

As a graduate with an undergraduate degree in environmental sciences, you can obtain distinguished jobs in a field that is expanding very rapidly in the job market, such as

  • Work in research, development and health care
  • Work in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) alongside local organizations in your country where all countries of the world have become concerned with environmental issues.
  • Work in public sector companies
  • Work in the fields of ground surveys, water resource regulation, health and safety
  • Work in the field of water quality control
  • Work in environmental management and energy resources and their support, waste management, recycling, and nature conservation
  • Work in terrain planning and environmental engineering
  • Work in the field of teaching
  • Work in hospitals and relevant Ministries or even in construction and construction companies, environmental assessment, and environmental engineering.

University specializations in the environment field

Faculties of Science

Marine sciences, Ismailia and Port Said Universities

Fish Resources, Suez University 

Environmental Studies Research Institute, Ain Shams


Environmental Engineering Diploma

Fish farming higher education institute, Ismailia

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