Rethink the Covid-19 “Stay at home, Stay Safe” Perks!
May 28, 2020

Rethink the Covid-19 “Stay at home, Stay Safe” Perks!

While we might feel frustrated right now because of the corona-virus restrictions, it seems that generally working from home is saving our mental, physical health and the whole environment.

Considering only the daily commuting part (from home to work) of our day, we spend on average 32 minutes and up to 150 minutes, pay fortunes of money; according to CAMPAS consumers spend 6.3% - 15% of their household income on transportation and with total traffic costs Egypt  EGP 47 billion (USD 6.5 billion) annually and is expected to reach EGP 105 billion (USD 14.6 billion) by 2030 according to a study released by the World Bank, without getting compensated.

Another toll is how commuting and traffic affect our health directly and adds up to a huge carbon footprint. We breathe air with the poorest quality with chronic levels of air pollution which is associated with respiratory problems especially in children. Additionally, the exposure to over-stressed commute systems with dangerously high noise levels impact our mental wellbeing and increase our “Stress levels” in which we experience in different forms such as fatigue, frustration and tension. 

By working at or near home THREE days a week one can save his/ her physical and mental health and reduce his/ her carbon footprint by up to 50% annually.

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