5 Reasons why you should switch to eco friendly beauty products
May 19, 2020

5 Reasons why you should switch to eco friendly beauty products

Apart from doing good by the environment, opting for eco-friendly beauty products come with an array of extended benefits for both your skin (and savings account).

Here, Erin Norden, freelance makeup artist turned founder of QLD-based natural beauty store, Clean Beauty Market, shares why she believes going green is the only way to go when it comes to cosmetics:

1 Your skin can improve dramatically

The reason is twofold; not only are you eliminating harsh chemicals out of your skincare routine, clean beauty products usually contain much higher levels of actives and no synthetic ingredients or product fillers.

2 You save money

With clean beauty products, a little goes a long way due to the quality of the formula so you often actually use much less product. This is true especially for shampoo and conditioner, moisturizers and serums, oils and body products.

3 You require less makeup

Better skincare means better skin and therefore less makeup! You no longer need a tonne of complexion products to even you out or create a glow, your skin naturally looks healthy.

4 You can use refills

This is great for both the environment and your pocket. Many clean brands have great refill systems so you don’t have to keep paying for the outer packaging. Each time you finish your product you grab a refill that works out to be more economical long-term.

5 It’s good for your health

You may not think that your beauty and personal care products may be affecting your health, but it can sometimes take a change in what you're using to truly see that they could be. For example, many people notice a change in energy levels, immunity, hormone health, and many more unexpected improvements when they lighten the chemical load they are applying on their bodies.

Source: https://sporteluxe.com/5-unexpected-benefits-of-switching-to-eco-friendly-beauty-products/

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